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Central Training Institute is also Partner Training Institute of Rural Electrification Corporation, (REC ), Ministry of Power, Govt of India.

The institutes runs various REC Programes under National Training Programes for Franchisee and C&D Employees such as

  • Linemen training

  • Meter Readers Training

  • Substation Operators Training

  • Financial management store accounting & office Administration

  • Energy metering & billing

  • National Franchisee Training

  • IT Skills

  • Distribution Transformer maintenance and faliure prvention Name of the variant Name of the training program Abbreviated name of the program Duration
1. Variant 1 Linemen training LINEMEN VER- II 4 days
2. Variant 2 Metering & Billing MBC 2 days
3. Variant 3 Metering & Billing MBC 3 days
4. Variant 4 Financial Management, Stores accounting & office Administration FIN ADMIN VER-II 3 days
5. Variant 5 Safety, accident prevention & Disaster Management SAFETY 2 days
6. Variant 6 Upgradation of IT skills IT SKILLS 3 days
7. Variant 7 Operation & Maintenance of Distribution Transformers, Prevention of failures & repairs DTRs 3 days